The Strait of Gibraltar forms the perfect wind tunnel between the European and African continents — perfect for the wind-powered water sport enthusiasts who flock there year round.

Tarifa is one of the world’s meccas for kiteboarders, not only for Spaniards and other Europeans, but also for competitors from around the world. Tarifa used to be a small fishing village in the south of the province Cadiz, the southernmost point of continental europe, now it is quite a busy place, especially during the summer months.


The combination of long and wide sandy beaches without rocks and the consistent winds, especially in the summer months from April to October, make it the ideal location to practise and learn kitesurfing. Tarifa is also a good place for windsurfing, surfing and  standuppaddelboarding.


People also like the old town with its flair, a huge variety of bars and restaurants and a very lively nightlife. Together with a still rather unspoilt coastline with beautiful beaches to hang around.



Things to see:

-Island of ´las Palomas´

-Castle Guzman el Bueno

-Castle Santa Catalina

-Iglesia San Mateo

-Sand dunes of Punta Paloma and Bolonia

-Roman Ruins Baleo Claudia in Bolonia





What to do:





-Sup/ standuppaddelboarding



-whale and dolphin watching

-mountain biking



-bird watching

-quad biking

-horse riding


-rock climbing







Playa de Bolonia: probably the nicest beach in the area, and probably also in Spain..good for windsurfing, sometimes with waves. Kitesurfing is not allowed in high season. Long beach with some not too busy sections, some chiringuitos and restaurants, and the roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.

Playa de los Lances, starts in Tarifa and goes all the way untill the hotel Hurricane. A very long, wide beach, which is busy in Tarifa area in summer and hosts the 1km long kite area, that starts from the camping rio Jara and finishes around the agua and waves chiringuitos.

Playa de Valdevaqueros/ Las Dunas. A very busy beach in summer, around 9km from Tarifa. It has a zone for kitesurfing, for windsurfing and swimming, so everybody gets his little space. It is very hip in summer, not so ideal for kitesurf beginners, as it lacks space. The winds are usually stronger here in summer, with poniente and levante winds.

Playa Chica; a small beach next to the island of Tarifa, sheltered in Poniente winds. Also next to the harbour of Tarifa.

Balneario: the end of the playa de los Lances in Tarifa, just next to the island of Tarifa. This is the surf beach in Tarifa.

Playa de Caños de Meca: about 50km north west of Tarifa, Caños is the place for windsurfing and kitesurfing in strong Levante winds. They are usually a bit lighter than in Tarifa, and less gusty.

Playa de Palmones: the spot for kitesurfing, when the Levante blows too hardcore in Tarifa. It is not a nice spot, but works well. Winds are a lot! lighter than in Tarifa, sometimes too light, even though you have 50 knots in Tarifa. Not allowed to go kitesurfing in the summer months.




Restaurants and nightlife


El Lobo

La Pescaderia

Vaca Loca

Bar el Frances


Cafe del Mar Playa

Pacha Mama


Taco way




How to get there


by car/ rental car: the easiest way. Especially in the lower season, the rental car companies offer really good deals for rental cars. The best deals you can usually get in Malaga, but also  Jerez de la Frontera. Also it is nice to have a rental car in Tarifa, even though not 100% necessary.

by bus: it is a possibility, even though the buses stop sometimes often along the road and therfore take quite long. 

Rather easy from Gibraltar/ la Linea, as it is not so far. From Jerez, Malaga and Sevilla also possible during the day, but important to check with google the time schedule before! Otherwise you might not arrive in Tarifa the same day of your arrival or miss the flight on the day of departure!

by taxi: also a possibility, but rather expensive, if you travel alone, from Sevilla( approx. 150€), Malaga( around 120€) and Jerez( around 90€). As Gibraltar/ La Linea is closer( around 40€) a good option.